Azure Stack – TP2, Templates, Ideas, Logical diagram, Blog and Ignite sessions

Bring the Power of Micrsoft Cloud in your data center…that’s vision of Microsoft Azure Stack!
Waiting anxiously for Azure Stack GA which will be available in mid-2017. Good news here is Microsoft already released TP2 yesterday. Jeffrey Snover and his team working hard for GA.

Some exciting stuff has been stacked In TP2 like Azure Queue storage & Azure Key Vault. Both are really very useful when it comes to application messaging and managing application secrets.

Stay tuned for updates, here are some useful links I want to share about Azure Stack
Quick Start Templates
Tools to play
Deployment Prerequisites
Logical Architecture Diagram
Official Documentation
Have an idea…Share your Idea

Here is the bunch of rocking Azure Stack Microsoft Ignite 2016 sessions here. I will strongly recommend to watch these sessions specially on Azure Stack Infrastructure Services and Deep dive of Azure Stack architecture.
Become a Microsoft Azure Stack infrastructure Rockstar

Dive deep in the Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS
Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture

Explore Microsoft Azure Stack “State of the Union” – Foundation 1

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