ARM Templates deployment Using CLI 2.0

Following are steps to use CLI 2.0

1. Goto command prompt

2. Type for Login

3. Copy and past the following link in Internet Explorer and put the code shown below


4. Set the subscription for example : Production/Preprod or Test etc.

5. First validate the template

6. Start deployment of deployment of template

above # 5 and 6 commands are almost same other than create –name SPdeployment which is deployment name.

az login

az account set -s preprod

az group deployment validate –resource-group rg-ae-sharepoint –template-file sp-template.json –parameters @sp-parameters-preprod.json

az group deployment create –name SPdeployment –resource-group rg-ae-sharepoint –template-file sp-template.json –parameters @sp-parameters-preprod.json

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