Storage Explorer option in Azure Portal

There are couple of ways in order to interact with Azure Storage i.e using Visual Studio, Azure Portal. But Storage Explorer is very good tool in order to explore the Azure Storage. Here is good news Microsoft updated the Azure Portal by providing option to open with Storage Explorer.

Introduction of Microsoft Cloud Computing

 Introduction of Microsoft Cloud Computing to upcoming final year ICT students is really very important. While I was on vacations in middle east and Pakistan I thought to aware the students about Microsoft Cloud independent of location. I conducted 2 sessions on in College of advanced and scientific techniques CAST and other in Govt. College... Continue Reading →

Azure Automation – Automate your Development VMs

Microsoft is offering more than 200 cloud services. Azure Automation is very powerful service in Microsoft Cloud to automate other services.For example Azure Automation can help in order to automateAuto space provisioning/ Backup Restore spaceVM’s availability in specific hours (On Prem/Cloud)Notify users of underutilized VMs and perform remediationAlert on a VM then turn on tracing,... Continue Reading →

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