Index Server Error in MOSS 2007 Configuration

During MOSS 2007 Configuration inNew Shared Services ProvideCentral Administration> Application Management > Manage this Farm' Shared Services> New Shared Services ProviderIf you got Error in Index ServerNo Indexer see given below image.Then Go to Central Administartion > OperationsCentral Administration> Operations > Services on ServerSstart Search Index service as per given below image.

MOSS 2007 Configuration with ISA Server 2004

When we install MOSS 2007 and try to configure with ISA Server 2004.It does'nt allow to do this.Here are steps to solve this problem1- Create a new MOSS Protocol on ISA Server 2004 machine2- Select HTTP Protocol3- In filter de-select web.proxy filterNow it will work fine with ISA Server 2004

How to add User Profile Property in MOSS 2007?

Here are some steps for adding user profile property.1- Go to Shared Services Administration >>SharedService1 2- Under User Profiles and My Sites click on User profiles and properties3- Click on Add Profile Property4- Enter property name, description & display name5- In policy settings set the default privacy setting as per your choice like My Manager,... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Technical Articles

Bunch of technical articles about SharePoint Portal Server 2003 are available on following topics.Click on link to view desired one article on MSDN SiteAdvanced Techniques for Designing SharePoint SitesBest Practices for Developing Web Parts for SharePoint Products and TechnologiesBranding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site: Part 1, Understanding the Use of a Corporate Brand Branding... Continue Reading →

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