Utilities & tools for Microsoft Project Server 2002 and for Project Server 2003

Project Server 2003 SetTracing utility Microsoft Project Server 2002: SetTracing utility Project Server 2003: EditSite tool Microsoft Project Server 2002: Site Editor utility Project Server 2003: View Populator tool Project Server 2003: Project Server Cleaner tool - Microsoft Project Server 2002* and Project Server 2003 Project Server 2003: Delete Duplicate Projects tool Project Server 2003:... Continue Reading →

Project Server 2003 Report – Task %age work Completed

In Project Server 2003 custom reporting % age work complete report is given below having columnsProject NameResource NameYear Month%age work compelted [Task Work Completed]QuerySELECT dbo.MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS.TASK_NAME, dbo.MSP_WEB_PROJECTS.PROJ_NAME, dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY.AssignmentTimeWork / 60000 AS [Work], dbo.MSP_WEB_RESOURCES.RES_NAME, YEAR(dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY.AssignmentTimeStart) AS Year_, MONTH(dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY.AssignmentTimeStart) AS Month_, dbo.MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS.WPROJ_ID, dbo.MSP_TASKS.TASK_PCT_WORK_COMPFROM dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY INNER JOIN dbo.MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS ON dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY.WPROJ_ID = dbo.MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS.WPROJ_ID AND dbo.MSP_VIEW_PROJ_ASSN_TP_BY_DAY.AssignmentUniqueID = dbo.MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS.TASK_UID INNER JOIN dbo.MSP_WEB_PROJECTS... Continue Reading →

What is Project Web Access?

Project Web Access is a companion product to Project that supports collaborative planning among team members, project managers, and other stakeholders. It lets people view, update, and analyze project information through a Web browser. Project Web Access helps team members communicate with project managers about the tasks they are performing and provides a place where... Continue Reading →

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